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Create a workplace free from sexual harassment and discrimination

Focus on your business, we’ll work to help protect it 

The floodgates have opened on the recognition of sexual harassment in the workplace with high profile claims that have increased the awareness and broken down the barriers of divulging the pervasive nature of these occurrences. The Time’s Up movement launched on January 1, 2018 by some of Hollywood’s most recognized stars furthered the discussion of sexual harassment in the workplace. The movement has raised millions of dollars for the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund which provides subsidized legal support to women and men who have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s records, in the past seven years, U.S. companies have paid more than $295 million in public penalties over sexual harassment claims. This sum does not include all the private settlements granted in exchange for alleged victims signing non-disclosure agreements. With increased awareness and the encouragement of non-acceptance, a greater increase in these claims is predictable.

In addition to the thousands of dollars that a sexual harassment claim can cost, the disruption and impact on company resources and morale can adversely affect a company’s reputation draining its bottom line and overall success. 

Harness the power of your employees

Companies have an obligation to take reasonable care in preventing and promptly correcting sexual harassment. Courts have indicated that simply having a policy in a handbook is not sufficient. Accordingly, failing to train employees and managers and not having appropriate policies may be a costly mistake for Companies. It is essential to train the workforce on what is sexual harassment, what are the obligations of managers and employees to help ensure that they create and maintain an environment free from sexual harassment, what to do if a sexual harassment claim is brought and what the Company can do to help avoid potential liability which comes with these claims. 

Wide-ranging options, tailored strategies

From Hollywood to the halls of Congress and the light that has been shed on these issues for workplaces everywhere, it is a prime time for employers to revisit their sexual harassment and discrimination policies and ensure for proper and critical training. 

Critical Training Investment

  • Zero Tolerance Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Training

  • Non-Discriminatory Performance Reviews Training

  • Non-Discriminatory Handling of Complaints and Discipline

  • Record Retention

  • Non-Discriminatory Discipline & Complaint Procedure Training

Workplace Appraisal 

  • In-depth evaluation of employment-related policies

  • Analysis of policy objectives

  • Compliance with federal, state and local law review

  • Creation of policies reflecting your unique business goals and core values

Customized Strategies

  • Enhanced policies combining legal obligations and your unique business framework 

  • Tailored training for employees, tailored training for managers conducted by neutral professionals 

  • Established training maintenance program that resolves the issue of new hires engaging in appropriate training as part of their on-boarding

A team-based approach

Call us to find out how we can collaborate with you to educate your workforce, help to protect your business from potential liability which can result in costly, disruptive and devastating effects to your company’s reputation, operations and workplace environment, and help to create an environment where your employees and your company can grow and prosper.